Luisa Koa graduates from university

College Sponsorships

One of the most important services Topu Honis provides for its members is the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. Since 2002, Topu Honis has worked to secure college sponsorships for its brightest high school graduates. As of 2012, 18 members have attended university. The sponsors for these students have most often been United Nations employees working in Timor-Leste. But as the UN presence is decreasing, Topu Honis is losing its pool of new potential sponsors. Recent and upcoming graduates are left with no ability to attend college unless Topu Honis is able to find new sponsors.

 If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring a Topu Honis student (like Luisa, pictured above) to attend University, check out the Get Involved section for more information.

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