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The young members of Topu Honis are anxious to learn English. Timor’s proximity to Australia, the large international NGO sector working in Timor, the United Nations presence, and the commercial uses of the language within and outside of Timor-Leste make it one of the most valued skills for a Timorese. Employment opportunities for English speaking Timorese are prevalent.

Topu Honis Mahata (the older kids’ location) welcomes volunteers to come and teach English to the kids. Your lodging and meals are covered by the Shelter Home – you just have to get yourself there! You can stay between 4-12 weeks (specific arrangements can be made through communication with Fr. Richard). Come alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends! Hike, swim, or relax in the mornings, teach English in the afternoons, and travel to the mountains on the weekends. You’ll experience the Timorese culture from the inside and make life-long friends. We promise it would be a life-changing experience! If interested, please contact Fr. Richard or Cate Johnson.

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