volunteer plays guitar for children

Send Packages

The kids at Topu Honis love to receive packages with supplies! There are many items that are hard to find in Timor-Leste and Indonesia that can be purchased and mailed from the US or Australia. Favorites include: decks of UNO cards, the games of “checkers” and “memory,” puzzles, coloring books and coloring supplies like markers, inflatable balls, math work books, children’s and young adult books in English, jump ropes, children and adult vitamins, and lots more!


Packages are mailed directly to Fr. Richard at this address:

Rev. Richard Daschbach
Kotak Pos 108
Kefamenanu 8560
T.T.U.  N.T.T. Indonesia


If you would like a more comprehensive list of the favorite products at Topu Honis, contact us today!