the original topu honis kutet


Fr. Richard has been caring for orphans since his arrival in on the Timor island in 1966. When he moved to the village of Kutet in 1991 and brought along the children who lived with him, he decided to start an official organization and named it Topu Honis Shelter Home. Since then, Topu Honis has served more than 600 children and adults in the area. 

The original Topu Honis sites in Kutet and Mahata were both destroyed in the 1999 war. Topu Honis rebuilt and is stronger than before. For more on the history of the 1999 war and the role of Fr. Richard, click HERE.

For another look at Topu Honis, read "East Timor: The Other Side of the Moon" written by a journalist who stumbled across this place on his travels.

Fr. Richard wrote an article in the 2012 edition of the Divine Word Missionaries magazine about the struggles with the hungry season at Topu Honis. See pages 18-19.

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